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what is java?

Java Java is a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms
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Latest Version java 13 or jdk 13 September, 10th 2019
Used in
  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Web Servers and Application Servers
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Scientific Application


Java is a widely used programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet. It is the most popular programming language for Android smartphone applications and is also among the most favored for the development of edge devices and the internet of things.

Why Java is popular

java has been used in different domains. Some of them are listed below:

  • Banking: To deal with transaction management.
  • Retail: Billing applications that you see in a store/restaurant are completely written in Java.
  • Information Technology: Java is designed to solve implementation dependencies.
  • Android: Applications are either written in Java or use Java API.
  • Financial services: It is used in server-side applications.
  • Big Data: Hadoop MapReduce framework is written using Java.
  • Scientific and Research Community: To deal with huge amount of data.


Java was designed to have the look and feel of the C++ programming language, but is simpler to use and enforces an object-oriented programming model. Java can be used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network. It can also be used to build a small application module or applet for use as part of a webpage.

Why Java is popular

It is difficult to provide a single reason as to why the Java programming language has become so ubiquitous. However, the language s major characteristics have all played a part in its success, including the following components:

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  • Programs created in Java offer portability in a network.
  • Java is object-oriented.
  • The code is robust. 
  • Data is secure. 
  • Applets offer flexibility. 
  • Developers can learn Java quickly.

A common misconception is that there is an association between Java and JavaScript. The two languages share similarities in syntax, but are two very different constructs.

Java platforms

The three key platforms upon which programmers can develop Java applications are:

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  1. Java SE- Simple, stand-alone applications are developed using Java Standard Edition. Formerly known as J2SE, Java SE provides all of the APIs needed to develop traditional desktop applications.                         
  2. Java EE- The Java Enterprise Edition, formerly known as J2EE, provides the ability to create server-side components that can respond to a web-based request-response cycle. This arrangement allows the creation of Java programs that can interact with Internet-based clients, including web browsers, CORBA-based clients and even REST- and SOAP-based web services.                                                                           
  3. Java ME- Java also provides a lightweight platform for mobile development known as Java Micro Edition, formerly known as J2ME. Java ME has proved a prevalent platform for embedded device development, but it struggled to gain traction in the smartphone development arena.

Main uses of Java

It is easy for developers to write programs which employ popular software design patterns and best practices using the various components found in Java EE. For example, frameworks such as Struts and JavaServer Faces all use a Java servlet to implement the front controller design pattern for centralizing requests.

A big part of the Java ecosystem is the large variety of open source and community built projects, software platforms and APIs. For example, the Apache Foundation hosts a variety of projects written using Java, including simple logging frameworks for Java (SLF4J), both Yarn and Hadoop processing frameworks, Microservices development platforms and integration platforms.

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Java EE environments can be used in the cloud as well. Developers can build, deploy, debug and monitor Java applications on Google Cloud at a scalable level.

In terms of mobile development, Java is commonly used as the programming language for Android applications. Java tends to be preferred by Android developers because of Java’s security, object-oriented paradigms, regularly updated and maintained feature sets, use of JVM and frameworks for networking, IO and threading.


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