The Best, Most Reasonably priced Diy Acrylic Picture Frames Ever

Floating acrylic image frames carry an artsy museum-like class to even the most everyday spaces. Often referred to as plexiglass frames or frameless picture frames, these frames are my major selection for exhibiting unique art prints and even posters. And they&rsquore a terrific substitute to traditional photo gallery walls.

Their barely-there search is airy and crisp and incredibly higher touch. The best aspect is that acrylic image frames will work with any kind of decor from classic to classic, to my particular beloved – world wide bohemian stylish.

But have you ever checked the rate of acrylic photo frames??? That stunning floating body in the image beneath will established you back again a good $one hundred twenty bucks. For. One. Frame. Yikes! Yep, immediately after viewing identical rates somewhere else, I realized precisely what I necessary to do. I required to dig deep to make a very low-value, high-conclude looking, Diy floating acrylic frame. The acrylic body tutorial you are about to study is practical for any person searching for uncomplicated, inexpensive methods to update the seem of their artwork selection at household.

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What You&rsquoll Require


  • &nbspStandoffs&nbspto mount your frames

  • &nbspAcrylic sheets – 1 set of 2 for just about every frame (hold examining for concepts on where to come across them)

  • &nbspA substantial steel&nbsptent stake&nbspor nail (Suggestion: I identified one particular at Ace Hardware for $1.50)

  • &nbsp4&nbspspring clamps&nbspto keep the acrylic in put even though you work on it

  • &nbspA drill for mounting the wall hardware

    Wherever to Buy Acrylic Sheets to Make the Floating Frames



    To my surprise, I uncovered a range of sites the place I could acquire acrylic sheets and even acrylic frame kits. For occasion,&nbspI found these&nbspready-designed acrylic frame kits&nbspon Etsy. However for me, the largest dimension offered was 11 x fourteen.&nbspMy artwork&nbspmeasured eleven x 17. Considering the fact that I needed a 3&rdquo acrylic border all all-around the artwork, I wanted my frames to measure fourteen x twenty. This would assistance me create the illusion of massive parts of floating art.


    Then I realized that&nbspHome Depot&nbspsold large acrylic sheets as well.&nbspBut $116 was far more than I required to invest. Plus, I could in no way get a obvious answer on whether or not Residence Depot would minimize the acrylic sheet into to the sizes I necessary.&nbspLastly, I settled on&nbspAce Hardware,&nbspthe place I obtained 4 eighteen&rdquox 24&rdquo&nbspacrylic sheets for $eleven.ninety nine every single. Every sheet is about the very same thickness as a quarter inch piece of glass. Ace Components then minimize the acrylic – totally free of charge – into two sets of frames measuring 14×20.&nbspEt voila!&nbspTotal charge with tax was just $51.56.


    Are the frames you have to have significantly smaller?&nbspIf so, the deal gets even sweeter. Just question Discover More if he has any remaining about acrylic from past cuts that match your measurement. Ace Components will market them to you for a portion of the primary price. I did that when recreating this tutorial and only spent a mere $1.50 for 4 9 x eleven sheets.&nbspAce is surely the position ya&rsquoll!

    I know even so that some seriously low-priced…ahem…frugal persons will say &quotBut Ola, I located acrylic sheets even much less expensive at Passion Foyer!&quot. Let the consumer beware though. Individuals are super slender, craft grade acrylic sheets and will hardly ever maintain up about time.


    Now for the standoffs. Just after buying a set that was too modest to make an effect, I settled on these fairly priced&nbspsilver one/2&rdquo x four/5&rdquo wall mount standoff bolts. They occur 20 to a pack.

    How to &ldquoDrill&rdquo the Holes for the Acrylic Picture Frame

    Drilling the holes to make your acrylic picture frames might sound like a no-brainer to you, but it can get rather tough. In point, not understanding a lot more about this important action compelled me to have to invest in more acrylic for the reason that I ruined the 1st set. All of a sudden the finances for my oh-so-economical Diy acrylic frames improved by fifty percent. Ouch! Stay clear of problems by having to pay close interest to these instructions.

    You see, when drilling the holes for your standoffs you ought to drill quite, very bit by bit, or the acrylic will crack. I&rsquom likely to clearly show you how to stay clear of that circumstance entirely. Instead of drilling the hole (like I did at very first), do the adhering to:

  • DO NOT take away the protecting plastic from the body

  • Mark the locations of your four holes on the initial piece of acrylic. Use your initial piece as a template for the rest of the parts to make sure the holes are all line up.

  • Warmth the substantial steel stake or nail over a fireplace

  • This is A great deal, significantly a lot easier than drilling the hole. Use a pair of vice grips to hold the steel stake in place, and to stay away from burning you.

  • Pierce the locale for the gap

  • Allow for the melted edges of the plastic to great. These need to then snap suitable creating a cleanse gap for your standoff.

    This is Considerably, considerably simpler than drilling the hole. Use a pair of vice grips to maintain the steel stake in position, and to stay clear of burning on your own.

    How to Install Your Snazzy New Floating Wall Frames

    Here is the most straightforward way to install your new frames:

  • Location 1 piece of all set-to-cling acrylic sheet straight on to the wall in which it will be hung

  • With your other hand, use a degree to make positive the acrylic body is straight

  • Your standoffs will ordinarily arrive with anchors. I strongly suggest making use of them. You don&rsquot want to wake up in the middle of the evening to uncover these wonderful thangs cracked and shattered on the ground do you? I didn&rsquot feel you did. So you should use the anchors.

    Nervous about putting as well many holes in the wall? Just fasten the two best standoffs to the wall. Then connect the standoffs to the base holes of the frame, but DO NOT fasten them to the wall. No a single will be the wiser. I observed this finished at a lodge the moment and it blew me away.

    &mdash Ola

    Congratulations! You&rsquove now designed THE greatest, most economical Do-it-yourself acrylic frames ever. Now all you have to do is sit again and get pleasure from your recently created chef d&rsquooeuvre (masterpiece).

  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the locale of the holes immediately on to the wall

  • Drill gap and insert anchor

  • Sandwich your print or image in between 2 pieces of acrylic and thread the standoff by means of the holes to mount

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