Elizaveta Boyarskaya: “I can rejoice at my failures”

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a double burden of popularity: at first – paternal, now her own. At 20, few people here would have been able to not lose their heads. However, this young actress is so far about her successes with rare composure. She just has completely different priorities. Lisa Boyarskaya leafing through the album with personal photographs and comments on the most important.

Elizabeth Boyarskaya 22. Graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. Actress of the Small Drama Theater-Theater of Europe (St. Petersburg). Golden Sofit Prize winner. Plays in the performances “King Lear”, “Life and Fate”, “Blue” (December 26), “Fillar Efforts of Love” (December 21). Roles in the films “Bunker”, “Park of the Soviet period”, “You will not leave me”, “Irony of fate. Continuation “,” Admiral “and others.

“The purpose of the actor is to convey to people the truth”

“Our teachers at the Theater Academy – Lev Dodin, Valery Galendeev – brought up the idea of an acting profession as a higher mission. It is to convey the truth to people. I realized that I was going to the stage not to be bored, not to entertain a person after a hard day, but to inform the audience something important, to move something in their worldview. Dodin always taught us to rejoice at his failures, because failure gives rise to questions, but while they are born, you will grow. The actor has no right to dwell on the achieved, this is the profession in which you study until your last day. “.

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